If you need something tabbed, feel free to contact me for a request. There’s a higher chance of me accepting requests if they’re for bands/genres which are already represented on my site.

Note that these tabs span 13 or 14 years (as of 2017), and my earlier tabs are something of an embarrassment. If you find any particularly awful tabs and you need an updated version, fire me an email (or contact me via one of the means listed above). In the meantime, I’m very slowly working my way through my collection and making things more presentable, and in most cases I’m just retabbing the songs entirely from scratch.

Also worth noting is that this site is the only place where my tabs are maintained; if you find them elsewhere, chances are they’re severely out of date, and in most cases were published without any input from me. I’d appreciate it if my tabs aren’t re-uploaded to places like Ultimate Guitar. I used to be active on sites like that, but chose to leave when the owners made some questionable ethical moves. I never charge for tab requests, but leaving my tabs in my control is a great way to repay me!