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40 Watt Sun

Between TimesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Carry Me HomeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
RestlessGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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Angels Walk Among UsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
CrestfallenGuitarBassGuitar ProPiano Score (PDF)MIDIYouTube
Dreaming LightGuitarChordsBassGuitar ProPiano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Lovelorn RhapsodyGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Temporary PeaceGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected)GuitarGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Under a Veil (of Black Lace)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Untouchable Part 1GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
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AngelicGuitarGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
EpitaphGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
GhostsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
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Billy Corgan

DiaGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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Bruce Springsteen

Streets of PhiladelphiaChords [PDF Version]BassGuitar ProMIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube
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Cannibal Corpse

Hammer Smashed FaceGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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Cradle of Filth

An Enemy Led the TempestGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Black Goddess Rises IIGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
CarrionGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Nymphetamine (Overdose)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Presents From the Poison-HeartedGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Serpent TongueGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Tonight in FlamesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Under Huntress MoonGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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The Cranberries

ShatteredGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
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GriefGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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SpoonfedGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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The Gathering

Rescue MeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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Goo Goo Dolls

Give a Little BitBassYouTube
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José Afonso

Canção de EmbalarGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube
♥ Dedicated to Teresa M. ♥
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Ludwig van Beethoven

Moonlight Sonata, 1st MovementGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube
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OblivionGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Octopus Has No FriendsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Sleeping GiantGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
ThickeningGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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Max Richter

Europe, After the Rain (Arranged For Guitar)Guitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [with melody]MP3 Backing Track [with melody]YouTube
♥ Dedicated to Teresa M. ♥
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…and Justice For AllGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
BatteryGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
BlackenedGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Creeping DeathGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Damage, Inc.GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Disposable HeroesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Dyers EveGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Enter SandmanGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Eye of the BeholderGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Fade to BlackGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
For Whom the Bell TollsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The Frayed Ends of SanityGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The God That FailedGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Halo on FireGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Harvester of SorrowGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Holier Than ThouGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Leper MessiahGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
ManUNkindGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Master of PuppetsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Mercyful FateGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
My Friend of MiseryGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
OneGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
OrionGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Outlaw TornGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
RonnieGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Sad But TrueGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The Shortest StrawGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Spit out the BoneGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The Thing That Should Not BeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The UnforgivenGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Wasting My HateGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Wherever I May RoamGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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Mournful Congregation

A Slow March to the BurialGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Epitome of Gods and Men AlikeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Monad of CreationGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
WeepingGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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Mourning Beloveth

…Yet EverythingGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
All Hope is PleadingGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Anger’s Steaming ArrowsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Apocalypse MachineGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Autumnal FiresGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Burning ManGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Crashing WaveGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
DisintegrateGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
DustGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Elemental NauseaGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Ethics on the PrecipiceGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Forever Lost EmeraldsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
In Mourning My DaysGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Insolent CaulGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
It Almost Looked HumanGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Mountains Are MineGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
My Sullen SulcusGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Narcissistic FuneralGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Nothing (The March of Death)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Old RopeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Primeval RushGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The SicknessGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
SinistraGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Theories of Old BonesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Trace DecayGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Words That CrawledGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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My Dying Bride

The Blood, the Wine, the RosesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
A Cruel Taste of WinterGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
A Doomed LoverGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
And I Walk with ThemGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
All Swept AwayGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Black Heart RomanceGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Catherine BlakeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Cry of MankindGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Echoes From a Hollow SoulGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
I Cannot Be LovedGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
L’Amour DetruitGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Lies I SireGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Love’s Intolerable PainGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
One of Beauty’s DaughtersGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
Thy Raven WingsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Whore, the Cook and the MotherGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
The Wreckage of My FleshGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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Poison GodmachineGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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10’sGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
I’m BrokenGuitarBass [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Shedding SkinGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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SlothGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIYouTube
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Riz Ortolani

Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDIKaraoke VersionYouTube
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The Smashing Pumpkins

Appels + OranjesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Blank PageGuitarBassGuitar ProPiano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
BodiesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
The BoyGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Bring the LightGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
CherryGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
EyeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
FOL (Feel Our Love)GuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Frail and BedazzledGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Hello Kitty KatGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
LandslideGuitarGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Marquis in SpadesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
PlumeGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Plume (Solo Acoustic)ChordsGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Purr SnicketyGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube
RocketGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Rotten ApplesGuitar [PDF Version]BassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
ShameGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
SivaGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
SootheGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube
SpaceboyGuitar [PDF Version]Bass [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Speed KillsGuitarAcoustic VersionBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
StumbleineGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar ProMIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube
To SheilaGuitarGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
Wishing You Were RealGuitarGuitar ProPiano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube
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Tori Amos

WinterGuitar ProMIDIKaraoke VersionYouTube
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Blinded By BloodChordsYouTube
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BridgesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
EchoesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
FacesGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
FootprintsGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
Watching From a DistanceGuitarBassGuitar ProMIDI [without vocals]YouTube
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