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40 Watt Sun

Between TimesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2013/08/26
Carry Me HomeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/11/12
RestlessGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2013/08/24
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Angels Walk Among UsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2010/06/04
CrestfallenGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5Piano Score (PDF)MIDIYouTube2009/04/18
Dreaming LightGuitarChordsBassGuitar Pro 5Piano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/07/19
Lovelorn RhapsodyGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/06/30
Temporary PeaceGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/08/15
Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected)GuitarGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/10/01
Under a Veil (of Black Lace)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/10/15
Untouchable Part 1GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2013/01/20
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AngelicGuitarGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/10/27
EpitaphGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/08/08
GhostsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/10/11
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Billy Corgan

DiaGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/03/17
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Bruce Springsteen

Streets of PhiladelphiaChords [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube2012/02/04
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Cannibal Corpse

Hammer Smashed FaceGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2014/04/20
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Cradle of Filth

An Enemy Led the TempestGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/03/12
The Black Goddess Rises IIGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/03/04
CarrionGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/02/22
Nymphetamine (Overdose)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/05/19
Presents From the Poison-HeartedGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/04/13
Serpent TongueGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/02/19
Tonight in FlamesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/11/19
Under Huntress MoonGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/12/08
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The Cranberries

ShatteredGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/10/06
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The Crown

Ride the FireGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2018/07/17
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GriefGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/29
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SpoonfedGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2011/01/22
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The Gathering

Rescue MeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2008/11/17
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Goo Goo Dolls

Give a Little BitBassYouTube2007
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José Afonso

Canção de EmbalarGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube2014/12/13
Dedicated to Teresa M.
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Ludwig van Beethoven

Moonlight Sonata, 1st MovementGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDIMP3 Backing TrackYouTube2015/05/09
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OblivionGuitarBassGuitar Pro 8YouTube2022/11/17
Octopus Has No FriendsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2018/10/01
Pendulous SkinGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/06/28
Sleeping GiantGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/03/25
ThickeningGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/07/07
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Max Richter

Europe, After the Rain (Arranged For Guitar)Guitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [with melody]MP3 Backing Track [with melody]YouTube2017/05/12
Dedicated to Teresa M.
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Conquer or DieGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2018/09/27
Mary JaneGuitarBassGuitar Pro 8YouTube2021/12/09
Reckoning DayGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5 | Guitar Pro 7MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2021/08/30
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…and Justice For AllGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/10/05
Atlas, Rise!GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2019/04/02
BatteryGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/04/24
BlackenedGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/04/16
Creeping DeathGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2014/04/05
Damage, Inc.GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2015/03/29
The Day That Never ComesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2019/05/10
Disposable HeroesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/06/18
Dyers EveGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/03/21
Enter SandmanGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2014/04/02
Eye of the BeholderGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/11/17
Fade to BlackGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2014/03/30
For Whom the Bell TollsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2014/03/25
The Four HorsemenGuitarBassGuitar Pro 8YouTube2022/11/27
The Frayed Ends of SanityGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2015/04/03
The God That FailedGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/12/28
Halo on FireGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/12/23
Harvester of SorrowGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2013/05/16
Hero of the DayGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2018/02/27
Holier Than ThouGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/10/21
Leper MessiahGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2018/01/09
ManUNkindGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/12/06
Master of PuppetsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 8YouTube2022/11/19
Mercyful FateGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/01/24
My Friend of MiseryGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/02/22
OneGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/10/31
OrionGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2012/10/24
The Outlaw TornGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/12/14
RonnieGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2015/04/07
Ronnie Rising MedleyGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/09/30
Sad But TrueGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2013/09/01
The Shortest StrawGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/08/30
Spit out the BoneGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2016/12/11
The Thing That Should Not BeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/08/13
The UnforgivenGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2017/10/09
Wasting My HateGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/03/11
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2013/01/14
Wherever I May RoamGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2018/04/17
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Mournful Congregation

A Slow March to the BurialGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/11/01
The Epitome of Gods and Men AlikeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2007/09/10
The Monad of CreationGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/07/29
WeepingGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/11/04
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Mourning Beloveth

…Yet EverythingGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/12/02
All Hope is PleadingGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/12/11
Anger’s Steaming ArrowsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/10/21
The Apocalypse MachineGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/12/25
Autumnal FiresGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/29
The Burning ManGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/01/23
The Crashing WaveGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/07
DisintegrateGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/07/05
DustGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/29
Elemental NauseaGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/08/18
Ethics on the PrecipiceGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2013/06/18
Forever Lost EmeraldsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/01
In Mourning My DaysGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/29
The Insolent CaulGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/01
It Almost Looked HumanGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2007/03/14
The Mountains Are MineGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2007/03/30
My Sullen SulcusGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/01
Narcissistic FuneralGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/17
Nothing (The March of Death)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/03
Old RopeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2013/06/18
Primeval RushGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/10/23
The SicknessGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/07/09
SinistraGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2005/10/29
Theories of Old BonesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2013/06/14
Trace DecayGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/10/04
The Words That CrawledGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/07/13
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My Dying Bride

The Blood, the Wine, the RosesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2012/07/13
A Cruel Taste of WinterGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/11/07
A Doomed LoverGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/07
And I Walk with ThemGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/11/05
All Swept AwayGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/06
Black Heart RomanceGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/05
Catherine BlakeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/12/09
The Cry of MankindGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/11/01
Echoes From a Hollow SoulGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/03/07
I Cannot Be LovedGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/07/31
L’Amour DetruitGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/12/29
The Lies I SireGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/11/04
Love’s Intolerable PainGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/11/11
One of Beauty’s DaughtersGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/20
Thy Raven WingsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/03/10
The Whore, the Cook and the MotherGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/17
The Wreckage of My FleshGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2010/01/10
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Poison GodmachineGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2014/12/26
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10’sGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2008/08/17
I’m BrokenGuitarBass [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/10/20
Shedding SkinGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2009/11/17
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SlothGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIYouTube2006/11/01
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Riz Ortolani

Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDIKaraoke VersionYouTube2008/10/31
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The Smashing Pumpkins

Appels + OranjesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2010/12/29
Blank PageGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5Piano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/02/02
BodiesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/08/19
The BoyGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2011/01/20
Bring the LightGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/12/21
CherryGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/03/17
EyeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2010/12/23
FOL (Feel Our Love)GuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/03/28
Frail and BedazzledGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2010/11/16
Hello Kitty KatGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2011/12/03
LandslideGuitarGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/12/03
Marquis in SpadesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2010/11/21
PlumeGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2010/11/18
Plume (Solo Acoustic)ChordsGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/10/18
Purr SnicketyGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube2012/03/17
RocketGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/01/09
Rotten ApplesGuitar [PDF Version]BassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2010/11/20
ShameGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/12/06
SivaGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/04/08
SootheGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube2012/12/16
SpaceboyGuitar [PDF Version]Bass [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2011/01/04
Speed KillsGuitarAcoustic VersionBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2012/02/29
StumbleineGuitar [PDF Version]Guitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]MP3 Backing TrackYouTube2011/01/18
To SheilaGuitarGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2011/01/12
Wishing You Were RealGuitarGuitar Pro 5Piano Score (PDF)MIDI [without vocals]Karaoke VersionYouTube2009/12/26
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Under My ThumbGuitar Pro 7YouTube2021/02/27
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System of a Down

SpidersGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2018/07/25
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Tori Amos

WinterGuitar Pro 5MIDIKaraoke VersionYouTube2006/03/29
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Blinded By BloodChordsYouTube2012/03/02
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BridgesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/06/28
EchoesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/07/21
FacesGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/07/10
FootprintsGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2012/11/14
Watching From a DistanceGuitarBassGuitar Pro 5MIDI [without vocals]YouTube2009/09/29
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